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True fact: the octopus is popular! We had a great time working with Ze Frank when he created his video, “True Facts About the Octopus”. In the three months since its debut, it has rocketed up the charts: more than 4 million views and climbing! 

Soon it will pass “True Facts About the Mantis Shrimp" (featuring another colorful character you’ll find in our exhibit galleries). After that? The tarsir, then sloths. Watch out, Sad Cat Diary: The Octopus is on its way!  


Ampere Beach | ©Bernard Billedo  (Aurora, Central Luzon, Philippines)


Rotifers around a single-cell green alga (desmid Staurastrum sexangulare)

Rotifers are microscopic aquatic animals of the phylum Rotifera. They can be found worldwide in many freshwater environments and in moist soil, where they inhabit the thin films of water that are formed around soil particles. 

Technique: Confocal imaging, magnification 400x

Photo credit: ©Igor Siwanowicz

Reference: [1]

Image from the 2013 Olympus BioScapes competition.

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Flat Worm - Tulamben | ©Tony Brown

Flat worm taken on the Liberty Wreck, Tulamben, Bali.
(Platyhelminthes - Turbellaria)


Luna by herebirdiebirdie on Flickr.

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Luna, our new Six Line Wrasse

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Ocean Sunfish | Mola mola

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